LIUJ based on the specialization, scale and international development. Nearly 2000 kinds of products, and through ISO9001: 2000 certification.
The company's products exported to Europe and the United States, Australia, Africa and South-East Asia and other countries and regions, and with the vast numbers of users and industry acclaim.
     As a vehicle shock absorber manufacturer in the field of product development, LIUJ have visionary leadership team, the world's leading technology experts, initiative and hard work of staff, with innovative and efficient tone for the corporate culture. LIUJ complacent, through the establishment of lasting partnerships, wholeheartedly committed to the development of new shock absorbers and comfortable environment for the creation of sustainable human development in the future to contribute.
     LIUJ to advocate for the purpose of the green civilization, automobile shock absorber wholeheartedly committed to the development and application. And we would like you to work together to promote each country a general agent, such as the original intention of your team please email:
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